Happy New year!
–    Introductions
–    Guest intro and interview with our lovely friend Colette
–    What we did in wow
–    New years resolutions
–    How lucky are we? About random drops and rolling high numbers
–    What is our favourite NPC in game and why?
–    How to contact us: girlsgonewowpodcast@gmail.com
–    Twitter: GGWshow
–    Website: https://girlsgonewowpodcast.wordpress.com
–    If you’re a girl and want to be interviewed on our podcast just give us a poke.
–    Nix’ guild: Immune to Psychology on the Earthen Ring server (eu). Website: http://www.immunetopsychology.co.uk/forum/

Music owned by Blizzard. Editing done by @UprootMusic

Girls gone WoW; Show 3