It’s show 9 of Girls gone WoW with your wonderfull hosts: Sil, Fascha, Rob and Colette
–    Interview with Stephen
–    Our week in WoW
–    Has WoW had an influence in your life; positive and/or negative?
–    Roleplay, what is it, how to start, our experiences and tips.
–    Our gaming lives; what else are we playing or looking forward to.
–    Shout-outs to subscribers, 5-star reviews on Itunes and adding our twitter account.
–    We’re now on wowwiki!
–    Website:
–    Twitter: GGWshow
–    E-mail;
–    Topics for show 10: What is the one class you just can’t play and why? Where do you play World of Warcraft? Secondary professions.