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Topics for show 8. We need our listeners input!

–          What is our opinion about the looks of the gear all through the years. Favourite and least favourite.

–          Favourite food to snack on during raids or playing wow.

–          How do you cope with people who don’t get wow?

You can give us your opinions by posting here in a comment or sending us e-mails to We love mp3 files so don’t be shy and record those lovely voices 🙂



Your hosts Sil, Fascha and Nix have an interview with David. No Colette today, poor thing is sick.What did we get up to in Wow? Can you remember your most memorable death in WoW? We have all had it once; wow-blues. How do you rekindle your interest in the game again? We got e-mails! Yay!! Check us out on Wowwiki. Twitter: GGWshow. E-mail: and our website for all your comments is still



Questions for show 7 this weekend

We’ll be recording show 7 this Friday and we want to get our listeners a bit more envolved. So we bring you a few questions:

1. What is your favourite snack while playing WoW? Do you make special food during raid nights? Or is it just standard take out night?

2. What do you do when the game gets boring? How do you prefent or handle a wow-burn out?

3. What do you think of the looks of the tier-sets in game compared to vanilla/tbc/wrath and now cata? What’s your favourite and why? Which is your least favourite?

You can reply here or send us an e-mail at We wouldn’t mind getting mp3 with your message!

Welcome to show 6! Gasmasks, Love and Heavy Breathing

–          Interviewing EJ

–          Love is in the Air

–          What romance did we encounter in WoW?

–          Relationships that start and strand in WoW

–          Love and Understanding:

–          Do gamers have social problems?

–          We got mail!

–          Shout-outs to our Itunes reviewers and subrscribers! You are amazing!

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